Jan. 3rd, 2015

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I got an awesome story for Yuletide--an awesome backstory for Wreck-It Ralph, with a lot of cool worldbuilding too.

Becoming Virus, only 1300~ words but with a lot of character work and thought put into it. Thanks again, astraev!

I wrote three stories for the main archive and two for Madness:

Try, Try Again (Is the Title of Santiago's Sex Tape), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where I take a perfectly good joke and run it into the ground. (Written before the Eric Garner non-indictment and the tensions exposed between mayor and PD. I'm not going to note it on the fic itself but it...felt a little awkard, unfortunately.)

Continuing my tradition of writing Rh Plus for any sucker who requested it, I wrote Let Me See what Spring Is Like on Jupiter and Mars for [personal profile] daegaer. Vampires in spaaaace!

And I decided to try a fandom I'd never tackled before and wrote Daken fic. Reset is a tale of survival, no matter how reluctant.

For Madness:

Bisou, Bisou is Princess Bride fic, the story of Inigo and Fezzick's first kiss. All the Princess Bride fics this year were good, in main Yuletide and Madness, and I find myself wanting to just roll around in Princess Bride-ness.

A Watch and a Fresh Pair of Socks is Jackrum's thoughts at retirement, from Monstrous Regiment and heavily influenced by learning what the original inspiration Jackrum probably was (the sergeant in All Quiet on the Western Front).

I also signed up for [community profile] getyourwordsout again, and pledged to write 300,000 words this year. I made it last year...let's see if I can repeat. Maybe this time I'll even keep up with my flist and stuff.


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