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"Think about it: Captain America is David Byrne, Iron Man is Lou Reed, Hulk is Iggy Pop, Thor is Dee Dee Ramone, Black Widow is Patti Smith, Hawkeye is Tom Verlaine, Nick Fury is Hilly Kristal, and Loki, of course, is Sting."

At Slate, on how terrible the CBGB movie looks, among other things.

...of course Venture Brothers did it first.

Also I aren't dead, I'm watching Spaced, and I'm trying to do everything I told everyone I'd do this weekend.



Dec. 2nd, 2012 08:10 pm
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Considering that Gojyo looks a bit like Bruno Mars in Autumn, May and December, I guess it's entirely appropriate for him to be playing the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

I have no idea why Beiber's there though.


Nov. 21st, 2011 08:15 pm
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An extremely weird portrait of Marlon Brando in Japan, with weird Orientalism, Brando just starting to slide into bizarreness, and some rather interesting inside baseball.

Did anyone watch Praying Mantis but me? I kind of wish it was on DVD so I could see if it held up.

Also, A thoughtful post on the differences between Saiyuki and the original Journey to the West.

Weiss Kreuzmas main fic is done, second fic is sort of a mess, and Yuletide needs more work. Progress is progress!
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Am catching up like crazy. A bit easier because I have a NEW LAPTOP seriously this thing flies like a bird.

Whiteknighted a little while I was gone. Just a little. I had to, it was Lestrade.

Oh, and I got one of these:

My hc_bingo card )

Maybe I'll do better with this than I did with kink_bingo. I SURE CAN'T DO MUCH WORSE. look, wings!

EDIT: THANK YOU, [personal profile] lynndyre, for making my HTML work. Yaaayz.

EDIT2: And thanks for everyone who sent me birthday wishes!

Fun stuff!

May. 20th, 2011 09:39 pm
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FAQ for college students regarding the Rapture. (via [personal profile] ithiliana

101 asexy sex scenes, by [personal profile] melannen. Some of these have a remarkable amount of attention, I'm just sayin'. Here are just a few suggestions:

[Sherlock] is ace, and doesn't actually want to have sex with [Lestrade]. This is not denial. So would the erotic dreams please stop?

[Sanzo] and [Gojyo] play sex chicken.

[Schuldig] has mind-reading powers, but being able to feel other people have sex and feel attraction doesn't make it work on a personal level.

Isn't this a fun game?

Enjoy this 1960s bachelor pad Weiss HQ.

Now I need to fix all the things 'dog found in my Buffy story. Fuuuuuck.
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Internet is restored (it was out most of yesterday). Hooray! On the upside, text_to_lj works fine. Is there a Dreamwidth equivalent? I couldn't find one.

Also, while I am here, I've noticed some new people have friended me/added me to their reading list. HIIIIII I've been meaning to roam around and check out your journals, but please feel welcome to comment on anything you see here!


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