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Don't forget to check out the Weiss Kreuzmas stories! The ones I've read so far are great.

I received Good Intentions, a funny and bittersweet and slightly heart-wrenching Nagi/Mamoru story.

I wrote You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking Some Telepaths, about Crawford's work to get Schuldig in place.

Hilariously, Slate then published this article about how violent and terrible that idiom is. Yes, yes it is. That's why it was the perfect title. Hahah.

Then there was Yuletide!

A reminder to read my gift fic, The Ghost of the Grand Hotel, if you know Twin Peaks. Don't let the typo in the summary put you off, it's really, really good.

I wrote three stories:

Due Diligence, a prequel Tiger and Bunny fic about Kotetsu and Tomoe as they wait for Kaede to arrive.

I wrote a fun little RPF AU trifle, To Go and Boldly Raid Someone Else's Cargo, where Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are space pirates, because how could I resist writing that, people.

And then there was the first fic I started, back when letters went up, and the last fic I finished, because the ending! The ending almost killed me. The Not Entirely Accurate Chronicle of John Polidori, Genius Physician and Brilliant Writer, and His Rather Less Distinguished Companions is from the point of view of the physician who accompanied Lord Byron on his rather infamous trip to Geneva, where Byron had a lot of sex and Mary Shelley started Frankenstein.

This was...I think the biggest Yuletide hit I've ever written, guys. And I did it with historical RPF. Go figure. I just got an email that's been podficced, man. IDEK.

I do know I owe my betas big-time, especially [profile] edonohana, who helped me end the Poldori fic and assured me that, yes, it was funny. Guess she was right, huh.
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The [community profile] weiss_kreuzmas fics and art are going up! All are of course worth a look but I have to shout out to my gift:

Black Moon Rising was written for me! It's Schwarz in Beacon Hills and it's so, so funny. Thanks, [profile] zeph317toho!

And I wrote Selenicereus, a Weiss Kreuz/Inception fusion. BECAUSE WHY NOT.
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Sam from iCarly joins SHIELD.

Thank you, [profile] poor_choices!

And I have my Yuletide story at beta! Frabjous day!
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I keep forgetting to rec the fic I received for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange. It's FANTASTIC so you should go read it.

Banana Splits! It went up when I was traveling so I commented late. GO GIVE IT SOME LOVE, IT DESERVES IT.

And now that reveals are up, I can also say that I wrote . Much love to [personal profile] gryphonsegg for betaing. ♥!

I also wrote xxxHolic and Legal Drug for [profile] springkink. Pay no attention to the two fics I'm behind on.
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[community profile] weiss_kreuzmas continues being awesome. If you're not checking it out, you're missing Schwarz in spaaaace fanart, Yohji getting his strangulation fetish, and this thing here what I wrote. Seriously, check it out and read anything that remotely appeals to you; the authors and artists have done fabulous work.

[profile] wk_100 is also doing its annual holiday drabble exchange, and [profile] mainekosama wrote me some dark Takatori fic here. I wrote super sweet Yohji/Ken for [personal profile] ladyofshadow here.

Ever wonder what Basil of Baker Street would look like as a vampire? WONDER NO LONGER.

And while it's impossible to just rec one or two things over at [community profile] yuletart, this Sherlock fanart made me laugh like hell.

I feel like I missed something. I'M SORRY IF I MISSED SOMETHING.

Oh, and if you haven't read the latest Hyperbole and a Half, go do so. I was crying I was laughing so hard.


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