Apr. 27th, 2017 08:12 pm
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I keep forgetting to talk about my Smutswap gifts, and I'd better do it before reveals, wouldn't you say?

Raven Cycle

Poison in those Fingertips of Yours (Adam/Ronan) is six thousand words of Ronan Lynch handkink, among other things, and it's delightful.

Yami no Matsuei

Broken Pieces is understated smoking hot Oriya/Hisoka with shibari and why are you still here, go read it.

They are both smokin' hot. And well written. And IC. And I'm very happy and very lucky. I mean, I got a treat! I (almost) never get treats. ♥

Also, if you're in the mood for original m/m. Or even if you aren't. Just. Just read this.

Spit Shine. It is amazing. AMAZING.


Jul. 2nd, 2015 10:22 pm
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Oh, man, do I love Remix.

I was remixed THREE TIMES this year!

The main remix: Adventures in Babysitting (The Thicker Than Water Remix), Weiss Kreuz, which retells some of the Ran-verse from Schuldig's perspective and somehow doesn't contradict my headcanon, which is amazing considering how much hidden headcanon is in Ran-verse. (I would have been fine with a story that did, I'm just kind of amazed still that it didn't.)

And then two very different stories for Madness:

Cleanse Thyself (The Wash that Man Remix), a funny Gundam Wing fic about Heero washing Duo's hair.

Seeds of Spring (the Second Bite at the Pomegranate Remix), about the Persephone myth, and a major expansion on the small fic I originally wrote.

They are all great for completely different reasons! I FUCKING LOVE REMIX.


Aug. 17th, 2014 06:12 pm
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You guys, I got beautiful art for Parallels. No knowledge of the canon necessary, and it's all Heian Era lovely. ♥

Also an excellent reminder that I have a ship other than that one with the talking tree and talking raccoon, which was probably needed at this point in my life.


May. 18th, 2014 08:22 pm
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Remix reveals are up and I realized I'd never recced my original remix because I am basically failing at LJ these days. So!

[personal profile] daegaer wrote You Can Call Me Al (The Clubbed to Death Remix), a spin on my own "You Can Call Me Al," a Schuldig/Crawford I wrote way back for springkink. It was really fun to see the 'other half' of the story and I laughed like hell. She also managed to portray, brilliantly, Schuldig's mental state; no small feat considering the premise.

I wrote two stories, one regular remix and one quickly written Remix Madness fic. As usually happens in these cases, the quick one has way more hits and kudos. I like the story but I wish I'd had a bit more time with it.

But! I still like them both.

Cafe de I'Europe (The à la carte remix) is my first Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji story ever, remixed from [personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist's The Second of our Reign, about Ciel working very specifically to help Sebastian with...a certain problem. My remix is about Ciel going shopping.

The Madness fic was Restored (The More or Less Functional Remix) which is also the first (and possibly only) time I've written Clint/Coulson. I seem to be in a place where I will take any excuse to write hearing aid fic. I'm okay with that. The original work was Only Human. by marieincolour. I liked the way Marie worked the contrast between Clint and his superpowered teammates in the fic, but I backgrounded that in my remix and focused more on his relationships.

I also realized I never claimed my ShipSwap, where I wrote Todd/Lydia from Breaking Bad. Fuck yes horrible tasteless pairings.


Jan. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Don't forget to check out the Weiss Kreuzmas stories! The ones I've read so far are great.

I received Good Intentions, a funny and bittersweet and slightly heart-wrenching Nagi/Mamoru story.

I wrote You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking Some Telepaths, about Crawford's work to get Schuldig in place.

Hilariously, Slate then published this article about how violent and terrible that idiom is. Yes, yes it is. That's why it was the perfect title. Hahah.

Then there was Yuletide!

A reminder to read my gift fic, The Ghost of the Grand Hotel, if you know Twin Peaks. Don't let the typo in the summary put you off, it's really, really good.

I wrote three stories:

Due Diligence, a prequel Tiger and Bunny fic about Kotetsu and Tomoe as they wait for Kaede to arrive.

I wrote a fun little RPF AU trifle, To Go and Boldly Raid Someone Else's Cargo, where Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are space pirates, because how could I resist writing that, people.

And then there was the first fic I started, back when letters went up, and the last fic I finished, because the ending! The ending almost killed me. The Not Entirely Accurate Chronicle of John Polidori, Genius Physician and Brilliant Writer, and His Rather Less Distinguished Companions is from the point of view of the physician who accompanied Lord Byron on his rather infamous trip to Geneva, where Byron had a lot of sex and Mary Shelley started Frankenstein.

This was...I think the biggest Yuletide hit I've ever written, guys. And I did it with historical RPF. Go figure. I just got an email that's been podficced, man. IDEK.

I do know I owe my betas big-time, especially [profile] edonohana, who helped me end the Poldori fic and assured me that, yes, it was funny. Guess she was right, huh.


Dec. 26th, 2013 08:02 pm
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Hello all! I received a WONDERFUL Yuletide fic. It is about Josie and you all should read it NOW.

The Ghost of the Great Hotel, Twin Peaks, AWESOME. Its structure is just brilliant, if you know the canon at all. (If you don't, I'm afraid it doesn't work as well, as this is just neck deep in the people and setting and canon events. IT'S SO GOOD, GUYS.)

I also enjoyed this World War Z fic, Zack Don't Surf, despite not knowing the canon beyond reading half a sample chapter on a Kindle at Best Buy the other day.

There might be more recs later but I wanted to rec my Yuletide fic as soon as I had time and brain to do here it is!
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TWO awesome people remixed my Irene/Molly story for [community profile] sherlock_remix!

The Lie Changes to Fit


Truth Is Always Relative (The Revisionist History Remix)


Everything else I've read has been solid so far, too! See if you can guess mine. :D Unless you betaed it, then you know....
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Author: [personal profile] lady_ganesh
Fandoms: European legend (Tristan and Iseult), BBC Merlin, MCU/Avengers, Angel the Series, Rurouni Kenshin/Weiss Kreuz, Naruto, Teen Wolf, Saiyuki, Kyou Kara Maou!, X-Men First Class, X/1999, Inception, 50 Shades of Gray/Yami no Matseui, Star Trek: TOS
H/C: Love spell/potion gone wrong

Link to your reclist entry

This month's challenge at [community profile] hc_bingo is to create reclists on a theme, or a few themes. I picked "Love potion/spell gone wrong."

15 works of mayhem under the cut, fic and vids )
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Black Books!

Go read it: Twilight of the Living Dead. Thanks, mystery author, I loved it!
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And I forgot to talk about the Weiss Kreuz Reverse Fest!

I got High school AU Yohji/Schuldig. With girl!Schuldig. It's awesome, and her Ken is utterly delightful.

I wrote Tokyo hit with the Minus Wave (Saiyuki/WK fusionfic.) It was really fun to write.

The stories and art are great, you should check out the whole fest and see if there's anything to your taste! There are some old favorites and newish writers involved so it's really a treat.
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Honestly, it's the best fic I've read so far (though I'm still reading and there's some good stuff out there). It's Mai! It has turtleducks! And Iroh!

Read and have fun!


Jan. 8th, 2012 04:39 pm
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Kyou Kara Maoh/Tiger & Bunny crossover art by lynndyre.

They would RULE THE WORLD and you know it!


Dec. 25th, 2011 09:26 am
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Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Happy Movies Day to everyone else. ;-)

Time to thank/recognize my gift fics:

Captive Monsters actually went up a few days ago. It's a Weiss Kreuz AU by [personal profile] daegaer, and is just as awesome as all her fics (and uses a very clever conceit).

Understanding is a lovely drabble with Yohji and Omi by [personal profile] vr2lbast.

And then Yuletide! I still don't have my notification email, but realized I could find my fic if I looked under "My Gifts." I landed on the pinch hit list and for the first time got two stories, and they're both great!

boring is a relative state of mind is American Horror Story fic, set after the conclusion of the first season. It features Violet, one of my favorite characters from canon (and maybe the only sensible one), and does a great job of looking at her mental state after everything she's been through. I was a bit worried about getting fic in this fandom after all the twists and turns canon took, but this is just perfect. ♥ EDIT: Also this was a late addition to the pinch hit list and you totally can't tell, it's beautifully constructed.

A Practical Method of Italian Singing is a treat, and what a treat! It features the two ladies who basically run off together towards the end of The Count of Monte Cristo. (You can read this one without knowing the canon but then it's a bit spoilery.) It's so clever, and there's music theory and historical context and it's pretty perfect too. ♥

Thanks to everyone who wrote for me!
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It was written as part of my fic/art exchange with [personal profile] indelicateink, and if you missed the fic on LJ (crosspost interrupted because hurricane), it's right here: Yes. Yes. Yes. (Title mostly stolen from Morphine.)

Thank you AGAIN for the exchange and the fantastic art, [personal profile] indelicateink! Not only is it super-hot and IC, it makes me laugh like crazy...and it works so well with the world of the story. ♥!
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One of the fun things about Remix is getting stories in fandoms you never expected. I didn't qualify in Merlin, but someone chose to remix my story Discretion anyway:

discretion (the consequences of valor remix) is a different, darker and rich take on my story.

And then someone wrote a Remix Madness story from my work!

Brutal Temperatures is a retake on my Black Lagoon fic Cold to Hot. YAY BLACK LAGOON FIC. YAY MORE BALALAIKA/DUTCH.

Life is good, friends!

EDIT: For some reason this didn't crosspost so I'm trying it again. Apologies if you see it, like, four times.


Mar. 21st, 2011 12:19 pm
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Now the series is complete, I'm delighted to pass on the link to The Avatar Deal, a three-part series where Kat introduces Annie (and Reynardine, by extension) to the delights of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Featuring some of my favorite fictional girls, and one of my favorite fictional friendships-- especially nice at a point where the canon is breaking my heart.

Thanks, mystery writer!
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[community profile] weiss_kreuzmas continues being awesome. If you're not checking it out, you're missing Schwarz in spaaaace fanart, Yohji getting his strangulation fetish, and this thing here what I wrote. Seriously, check it out and read anything that remotely appeals to you; the authors and artists have done fabulous work.

[profile] wk_100 is also doing its annual holiday drabble exchange, and [profile] mainekosama wrote me some dark Takatori fic here. I wrote super sweet Yohji/Ken for [personal profile] ladyofshadow here.

Ever wonder what Basil of Baker Street would look like as a vampire? WONDER NO LONGER.

And while it's impossible to just rec one or two things over at [community profile] yuletart, this Sherlock fanart made me laugh like hell.

I feel like I missed something. I'M SORRY IF I MISSED SOMETHING.

Oh, and if you haven't read the latest Hyperbole and a Half, go do so. I was crying I was laughing so hard.
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But first a rec: Escape without running, Yozak-centered gen. Recced by [personal profile] threewalls, and amazing.

And now, for [community profile] au_bingo: 585 Saiyuki vampire AU! Thanks to [personal profile] emungere for betaing.

Overnight )
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A nice rundown of the Avatar: TLA movie and its horrible suckitude. There is color coding.

Real yakuza review Yakuza 3.

If you're not reading the stories at [community profile] 7thnight_smut, you really should be-- at least if you like Saiyuki. All the stories are locked, but membership is open. I've been working my way through them for days. (I confess my current favorite is the one where Goku's a chef and Sanzo's the world's bitchiest restaurant reviewer, although the space AU with the OT4 is fighting for top place.)
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'Cause it totally is. And the anime/manga fandoms (among others!) totally need more love! COME FORTH AND LOVE, especially the fics I don't feel like I can comment on yet LEST I TIP MY HAND.

And if you haven't read any at [community profile] lgbtfest yet, you are missing out on some fine stories, including this one about Calvin's Uncle Max.

Big Bang has slowed but not been forgotten:


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