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[community profile] au_bingo time! For the "Historical: Napoleonic Europe" square. A world of love to [personal profile] daegaer, who dug me from the pit of historyfail and caught some other errors as well; all the remaining ones are mine alone.

For the Glory of Prussia )
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The last of the fics, prompt 'oral fixation.' Weiss Kreuz, Nagi/Mamoru, contains my terrible sense of humor. Thanks to [personal profile] lindentreeisle for betaing.

Shut Your Mouth )
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For some reason it didn't post to DW, so please check it out over on my ElJay.
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I keep forgetting to link this enormously good Weiss Kreuz steampunk AU. You don't have to know the canon, I promise!

The figure turned, revealing its face to be obscured by both a muslin cloth tied about the nose and mouth, and thick goggles covering the eyes. With a dismissive wave of one black-gloved hand, it turned back to the machine, made a few, final adjustments, then turned and strode to where Schuldig stood, pulling down the cloth and taking off the goggles as it did so, revealing the filthy and perspiration-drenched face of a Japanese youth.

"What?" Nagi inquired peremptorily. "I'm working."

"Well, stop offending God and nature for half an hour. It's time for dinner."

See? Eat up, it's tasty.

[personal profile] daegaer wrote me a sequel, too. Squee!

EDIT: And now the HTML isn't borked. Double squee!


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