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It's the second-most wonderful time of the year, the time when you give credit to your betas and trawl for more hits by posting links to your work.

In no particular order:

I wrote two stories for [community profile] weiss_kreuzmas:

Five Dumb Things Yohji Did (And One that Turned Out Pretty Great) for [personal profile] red_squared. Thanks to [personal profile] lindentreeisle and [personal profile] emungere for betaing this one.

For the bonus round I wrote Sight of Passage for [profile] oracle_dreams. Red and Linden both pulled beta duty on this one.

For the [profile] wk_100 drabble exchange I wrote Ken and Yohji on an unexpected picnic. (Thanks to [personal profile] dormouse_in_tea for catching that I had the wrong character there, yikes!)

And then Yuletide! I wrote one assigned story, two treats, and three Madness fics. (I guess taking a year off really did bring my mojo back.)

Uncertain of All was my assignment (Konzen-centric, Saiyuki Gaiden). I'd had mixed feelings about offering Saiyuki Gaiden, because I write it anyway and it seemed bigger than most of the things I write for, but I figured the franchise rule was the franchise rule, and I knew I could certainly do a good job on it. I felt even better when I saw cease's request letter and found out she loved Konzen and wanted something Konzen-centric. Sold. Thanks to Linden (yeah, I know, it's cause I'm always on chat with her ♥) and [personal profile] nekonexus for doing beta work.

Under the cut 'cause this got long )
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I keep forgetting to link these.

For [profile] ladies_fest on LJ, I wrote post-Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau.

And for [profile] saiyuki_wk_au, I wrote Vampire Stripper Gojyo, which I finally cleaned up and posted to AO3 with help from [personal profile] emungere.

My first [community profile] weiss_kreuzmas fic is done too! And Yuletide is coming....


Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:41 pm
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I have fic up for the Racebending Revenge Ficathon! It's Urban Legends, a Supernatural fic with a racebended Bobby. The other stories look good too, so check it out!

Mad Men Yourself has returned, stronger than before! That is to say, with more stuff.

If you don't want to Mad Men yourself, you can live live as a slacker with the Scott Pilgrim avatar generator.

If you haven't read Matt Taibbi on Lara Logan yet, you really should. (Relates to journalism and the Rolling Stone article that got McChrystal fired.)

Vanity Fair answers 25 Questions You Might Have About the Last Airbender Movie, including "Is this the worst film you've seen that required your getting off of your couch, walking into an actual theater, and watching the entire thing?"


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