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Thank you for writing for me! I requested fic this time around but if anyone would like to treat me art, that's more than welcome--I basically come up with better fic prompts than art prompts and didn't feel really confident about coming up with them this time around. If you think something I prompt/want works for art, I would love that!

Porn is fine, but it's also fine if you're not feeling it. General likes and dislikes can be found at my Yuletide letter. As I say there, if I have more/better prompts for one pairing than another, it's due to the limits of my imagination, not my like of any pairing. Prompts are possibilities, not demands, go crazy if you get a better idea!

Black Lagoon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Young Avengers, Sherlock/DC Comics, Narnia/Marvel )
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I just realized I never put up my Sherlock Remix stories.

I wrote two: One was a regular remix and the other was for the Retold challenge, where we all wrote to one prompt (there's a stranger in 221b).

Deep Roots, a remix of a story by [personal profile] krabapple


The First Morning of the Rest of Your Life.

Thanks to [personal profile] louiselux and [personal profile] tiggymalvern for betaing these!
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TWO awesome people remixed my Irene/Molly story for [community profile] sherlock_remix!

The Lie Changes to Fit


Truth Is Always Relative (The Revisionist History Remix)


Everything else I've read has been solid so far, too! See if you can guess mine. :D Unless you betaed it, then you know....


Aug. 11th, 2012 07:13 pm
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I've been back from vacation for a bit but I haven't even begun trying to catch up. Sorry? Let me know if you've done something awesome. (Lynndyre did something awesome but I'm saving it for another post.)

I've been poking at a Sherlock/Fix Bay'nets crossover and have some military questions, the kind of thing I think is probably common knowledge in the UK but that my Googling has been pretty useless about.

1) Would fellow soldiers address John as "[Rank] Watson," "Doctor Watson" or either/both? It's either/both in the US.

2) Wikipedia tells me that there are pretty much no anti-fraternization rules left in the UK military. I assume that overt relationships between superior and not-superior officers are still subject to rumor and gossip, just like any branch of service, especially those seen as romantic.

3) On the subject of romance, I know gay soldiers are allowed to serve in the military. Is there still underlying prejudices, or is everything pretty much copacetic?

Any help you guys can give me would be great!
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[community profile] sherlock_remix is up! Tons of stories in all kinds of genres.

I got remixed twice, which is super shiny! Both are remixes of John/Lestrade fic (THANK YOU REMIXERS I LOVE YOU TOO):

Nothing Under My Skin But Light, which is a remix of my bodyswap story Under the Skin


Doubles, a post-Baskerville story and rework of Whatever Gets You Through the Night.

There's some awesome stuff, and no one who participated is commenting because we don't want to give away the secret so PLEASE COME READ OMG.
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Have some Black 47.

And I wrote three purimgifts stories!

Truth Is Always Relative, a BBC Sherlock story focusing on Irene (with a little Irene/Molly)...

The Seeds of Spring, a tale of Persephone,

and Ladies Who Lunch, a Sherlock/White Collar crossover with Mrs. Hudson and June (this one's gen).

(All written for Via_ostience, who has some awesome fic of her own.

I have claimed four stories for [profile] springkink, am eyeing two for [community profile] queer_fest, and still have a few ideas for [profile] saiyuki_wk_au.

Aaaand I may be picking up a side job (freelance, temporary). Oh dear.
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I wrote two stories for Canadian Shack 2, Electric Boogaloo 2011.

Try, Try Again, BBC Sherlock focusing on Lestrade;

Waking, Nagi and Mamoru. I've wanted to throw them into the wilderness for ages.

And then just for funsies, I wrote Whatever Gets You Through the Night, with John/Lestrade. Shut up, I like Lestrade.

Does anyone not comment on AO3? Is it all right if I don't cross-post my AO3 stuff on LJ/DW? I still will sometimes because, you know, I LIKE COMMENTS, I'm just curious.

I really need a John icon.
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Last Sherlock fic for hc_bingo (though not my last Sherlock fic, lol...oh, plot bunnies)!

That's right kids, it's mindswap. Some John/Lestrade, some humor, and lots of things not being quite right. Thanks to [personal profile] lindentreeisle and [personal profile] tiggymalvern for being awesome betas.

Under the Skin )
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Next-to-last Sherlock fic for hc-bingo! (How I'll miss the hits on AO3.) Prompt was "food poisoning,' and there are non-explicit references to the symptoms therein. There is also a little John/Sarah, and a lot of Sherlock complaining. Thanks to [personal profile] emungere for betaing.

Doctors Aren't Quite the Worst Patients )
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HC_Bingo, you say? Why yes! For the 'slavery' square, Sherlock, spoilers for "The Great Game." Warning: Dark, character death. Thanks to [personal profile] tiggymalvern and [personal profile] lindentreeisle for betaing.

Six Hours, Forty Minutes, and Change )
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More for hc-bingo! This time it's all about Molly, and for the "loss of possessions" square. Love to [personal profile] tiggymalvern and [personal profile] lindentreeisle for betaing.

It wasn't bad enough they'd robbed her. They'd taken the Leica. )
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More for hc-bingo! Lestrade backstory. The prompt is 'death,' and please consider that your warning. Thanks to [personal profile] emungere and [personal profile] tiggymalvern for betaing.

Lestrade sat on the floor and stared at his wedding ring. )


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