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Good gracious, this is long.

A few general notes: Where I've checked the ticky box for 'underage' I basically mean 'under 18 is fine.' I would prefer not to have anyone under their ages in canon (so 16+ for Hisoka, 17+ for the Raven boys, Watanuki at the beginning of xxxHolic).

Fandoms are in no particular order and the level of detail/number of prompts are not any indication of what I 'really' want or whatever. I didn't ask for a single thing I wouldn't love to get. All prompts are suggestions, if you have a better idea, go for it. Combining kinks within a fandom/pairing would be just fine. I asked for fanart and/or fanfiction on a few pairings specifically but would love treats in either medium.

In general I do not care who is penetrating whom or even if anyone's getting penetrated, and I love it when my porn illuminates or reflects the characters involved. This why "Character study through porn" shows up a lot! Humor is always welcome.

Normally I do not ask for dubcon in exchanges because I am fussy about it, but this is a smut exchange so I will instead talk about exactly how I like my dubcon where I've asked for it.

I like AUs and fusions, and would especially welcome a fusion of some of the fandoms listed. My general list of likes is over at my Yuletide letter, which I'm linking because this is so damn long. I would prefer non-'mundane' AUs for, well, all of these.

I don't mind fic that deals with the darkness but I'd prefer not to have fully dark fic.

Most of these prompts have at least light spoilery stuff in there, so caveat writer, etc.

I might add another Weiss Kreuz pairing or two (leaning toward Schwarz orgy or Omi/Yohji) but I really just need to sign up, so here we go:

The Raven Cycle, xxxHolic, Yami no Matsuei, Weiss Kreuz )
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I keep forgetting to rec the fic I received for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange. It's FANTASTIC so you should go read it.

Banana Splits! It went up when I was traveling so I commented late. GO GIVE IT SOME LOVE, IT DESERVES IT.

And now that reveals are up, I can also say that I wrote . Much love to [personal profile] gryphonsegg for betaing. ♥!

I also wrote xxxHolic and Legal Drug for [profile] springkink. Pay no attention to the two fics I'm behind on.
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As you might expect I have THOUGHTS. Spoilers to chapter 209, the most recent on MangaFox.

Spoilers were born under a bad sign )

Also, how hot is Haruka? Yum.


Nov. 14th, 2010 10:30 pm
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I may have inhaled the xxxHolic manga this weekend.

Well, mostly today.

So I'm caught up on what's at MangaFox. So...

Fic recs? I think I like everything. Except Clow, I don't care about him. Everyone else cares enough for me.


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