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Good gracious, this is long.

A few general notes: Where I've checked the ticky box for 'underage' I basically mean 'under 18 is fine.' I would prefer not to have anyone under their ages in canon (so 16+ for Hisoka, 17+ for the Raven boys, Watanuki at the beginning of xxxHolic).

Fandoms are in no particular order and the level of detail/number of prompts are not any indication of what I 'really' want or whatever. I didn't ask for a single thing I wouldn't love to get. All prompts are suggestions, if you have a better idea, go for it. Combining kinks within a fandom/pairing would be just fine. I asked for fanart and/or fanfiction on a few pairings specifically but would love treats in either medium.

In general I do not care who is penetrating whom or even if anyone's getting penetrated, and I love it when my porn illuminates or reflects the characters involved. This why "Character study through porn" shows up a lot! Humor is always welcome.

Normally I do not ask for dubcon in exchanges because I am fussy about it, but this is a smut exchange so I will instead talk about exactly how I like my dubcon where I've asked for it.

I like AUs and fusions, and would especially welcome a fusion of some of the fandoms listed. My general list of likes is over at my Yuletide letter, which I'm linking because this is so damn long. I would prefer non-'mundane' AUs for, well, all of these.

I don't mind fic that deals with the darkness but I'd prefer not to have fully dark fic.

Most of these prompts have at least light spoilery stuff in there, so caveat writer, etc.

I might add another Weiss Kreuz pairing or two (leaning toward Schwarz orgy or Omi/Yohji) but I really just need to sign up, so here we go:

Fandom One: The Raven Cycle

Pairings: Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish, Adam solo, Ronan solo

Kinks: Accidental Magic Healing Cock, Adult Fairy Tale, Hand Kink, Sex Magic, Character Study through Porn, Blasphemy Kink, Dream Sex, Wet Dream, Forest Sex

I fell hard for Ronan/Adam, especially the moments where Ronan's Issues and Adam's Issues crash into each other (for better, for worse, sometimes for both).

I'm also fascinated with Cabeswater as almost a character unto itself--Ronan says that something was there before he dreamt Cabeswater, and I don't know if it has a personality of its own, or what kind of personality it might have. (Before I knew about Cabeswater's origin, I said, mostly jokingly, "Cabeswater thinks Adam is pretty." And then I found out that, yes. Cabeswater thinks Adam is pretty.) Did Cabeswater choose them? Does Cabeswater want to strengthen their connection? If you pick the Adult Fairy Tale category I think there could be a lot of interesting things to play around with there.

I love Ronan's near-obsessive Thing about Adam's hands and wrists, yeah, I like that a lot.

Also this is a canon where sex magic can happen. I picked the 'accidental magic healing cock' category because the thought of those two wandering into sex magic by accident is basically the funniest thing I have heard all night.

Potential prompts:

Accidental Magic Healing Cock:
Ronan falls off a tractor?
Okay, more seriously, I'm happy to see these two stumbling into the whole accidental magic healing thing through sex. It just makes me laugh. It could also work on an Adam or Ronan, er, solo mission.

Adult Fairy Tale:
I honestly don't know who would make the more amazing prince in an Adult Fairy Tale setting. Or maybe they're King Gansey's court magicians, who end up solving a problem with sex? Or in some kind of competition which leads to sex? Anyway, I like fairy tales, I like happy endings.

Hand Kink:
One of the things that delights me most about The Raven Cycle is that there's not much explicit sexuality, and most of it is Ronan obsessing over shit, sometimes consciously, sometimes not so much. And boy oh boy do we get a lot of Ronan obsessing over Adam's hands. So any sex that involves that obsessiveness will be A++. Ronan jerking off over the thought of Adam's hands would be fine, too, and don't think I haven't forgotten that magic jar of healing balm or whatever Ronan left for Adam at the garage, because hoo boy could someone write some damn fine porn for that. Maybe it will be you!

Sex Magic:
So many options. Cabeswater pulling a 'now kiss' on its protectors. Ronan or Adam experimenting (alone or together) with what they know and what they don't know. Tarot card readings that get freaky. Using sex magic for defense or protection or creation. Adam doing cool things with vines.

Blasphemy Kink:
St. Angela's is just begging to host some sex, wouldn't you say? Confessions. I don't know if anyone could talk Ronan into role-playing but if they could. Of course Adam jerked off in the apartment...what did he think about? What did Ronan think about when he was bored out of his mind in the pew?

Dream Sex and Wet Dream:
These overlap quite a bit in my head: They are teenagers, they are horny, during most of canon they are just barely figuring out who and what they want, and I'm all for that. Post-canon Adam and Ronan figuring out dream sex is also more than welcome.

Forest Sex:
Oh hai Cabeswater. Now kisssss.

Fandom Two: xxxHolic

Pairings: Doumeki Haruka/Watanuki Kimihiro, Doumeki Shizuka/Watanuki Kimihiro

Kinks: Sex magic, writing on skin, comfort sex, character study through porn, Painting on body

I am not particularly fond of the ending (once we start timeskipping) and haven't read the second manga, so please ignore the ending, go AU, etc.

I like that Watanuki ends up getting support (and love) from two generations of the Doumeki family. I like the differences between his relationships with them both, how he has a near-instant connection with Grandpa Doumeki but his relationship with Shizuka takes a lot more work.

I like the lushness of canon, and the underlying feeling that there's always a price for every pleasure.

Potential prompts:

Comfort sex: Watanuki has a lot of difficulty as he first comes into his power. I'd love to see him get a helping hand. Or, you know, whatever.

Sex Magic:

I'd love some more of Watanuki getting used to using his own powers, and I feel like sex magic is a lovely way to experiment, isn't it? You can work out a balance as you're screwing around. At least...that's what I'm thinking.

Watanuki could also get over his head and need to be rescued by some Doumeki dick. I would be perfectly down with that.

Alternately, a wish could need to be met by sex magic. Man, I am using the words 'sex magic' a lot and I'm only on fandom two.

Writing on Skin could easily overlap with sex magic, obviously. Grandpa Doumeki teaching Watanuki the tricks, Shizuka trying to learn them, or maybe working through some of his scholarship on a live body. Alternately, it could just be for fun. Watanuki never has enough fun.

Fandom Three: Yami no Matsuei

This one's more complicated because I want different kinks for different pairings, so we'll start with what I like about the characters and go from there. I love that Yami is an angst-fest; I love that everyone has secrets and obsessions that are intimately tied to who they are. With that--who everyone is:

Tatsumi has this obsessive--fuck, Tatsumi is obsessive about everything. But his need for order, his fear of loss. There's so much there just below the surface, and I love the idea that sex could take some of that control away, break him down a little.

Hisoka is just enough like Tatsumi to make it interesting--but less hung up on order, and more likely to allow himself to be openly and actively frustrated. He's clearly younger, too, with a different energy and different weird hang-ups and self-esteem issues and family damage.

Watari, of course, is just kind of iddy and cheerful most of the time, and hell, most of his family damage was erased or whatever, right? So everything's fine, fine. You can keep Watari his usual cheerful self or dig a little into that darkness--both sides are, I think, essentially him, it's just a question of how much he's pushed aside on any given day. I mean, he wouldn't be there if he was really perfectly happy, but I also don't think he finds much value in the kind of self-doubt and wallowing his dear friends Hisoka and Tatsumi--and even Tsuzuki--live on. After all, there are experiments to do. (Also: Watari's powers are an endless source of fascination to me. He can pull things out of sketches! Terrible sketches!)

And then there's Oriya, the most enigmatic of them all. He's loyal, he's sardonic, he's very smart and a phenomenally skilled swordsman...and he's off in a corner of nowhere running his family whorehouse. There's probably a novel there.

Pairings and corresponding kinks:


Probably my oldest love in this fandom. Bright sunlight and deep darkness, both of them skilled with masks.

Kinks: Begging, Orgasm denial, Alternate Universe - Student/Teacher, Orgasm control/edging, Sex Magic, Writing on Skin, Adult fairy tale, character study through porn, Hair Kink

Prompts: Did I mention how much I want Tatsumi's rigid control shaken? Bringing Tatsumi to the edge, making him beg...good stuff.

I'd love to see more done with both their powers. Magic sex toys! Shadow bondage! Things I haven't even thought of yet! Go crazy!

They're canonically the two who stay after hours working on things, which gives lots of opportunities for late-night flirting or even office sex. Tatsumi rarely falls for Watari's experimentation, but I like the thought of him trying. Canon says Tatsumi loves yellow-gold so the idea of him playing with Watari's hair is awfully hard to exist.

The Bookverse always makes me crave other alternate stories, so I picked Adult Fairy Tale and AU - Student/Teacher. Fairy tales in the Bookverse or standing alone, especially with Watari as the not-quite-trustworthy sorcerer/'doctor', would be great.

With Student/Teacher I'm thinking of Watari as the not-so-innocent student and Tatsumi as a teacher who will not quite know what hit him.


The empath with the king of denial. Let's all be repressed together! Or maybe not so much. Hisoka has that burning core of anger and I'd like to think there's a lot of fun that can be had with that. I also like the thought of Hisoka picking up things from his empathy that Tatsumi wouldn't want him to know.

Kinks: Age Difference, Clothed Sex, Frottage, Sex Pollen, Healing Sex, character study through porn

Prompts: Hisoka asks for--well, not asking for Tatsumi's past as much as asking around it--and they fall into intimacy from there. I think the difference in their ages is also a bit freeing: they're not peers, not at all, and it's almost easier to avoid some of their minefields as a result.

I love the urgency of clothed sex and frottage, and of Hisoka and Tatsumi just losing their control, too quickly to undress or prepare anything, just desperate for one another. This is also where the sex pollen/compelled sex comes in. I want them to be wanting so much, and then to have the magic (or other force) force them to stop denying it. It's the 'I've secretly wanted this all along and now I can't resist' feeling I'm after.

And Hisoka (probably) has healing powers--why not some healing sex? That could be more elaborate, slower, ritualistic. Or something they both stumble into.


Just go watch that fight scene again. Ah, that's the stuff. All those things that simmer just below the surface; desire and loyalty and maybe just a little bit of obsession. They both come from old, traditionally-minded families with lots of secrets, which is another potentially fun thing to play around with.

Kinks: Fighting Kink, Sex after Fighting/Battle, Healing Sex, Shibari, Clothing Kink, character study through porn, wet clothing kink

Their first fight was just a long flirtation, wasn't it? Sparring that turns into something more, or that was always meant as something more.

Screwing around (literally AND metaphorically) with all those traditional surroundings, the clothing, the kendo, the whorehouse with a garden that remains in spring.

As with Tatsumi/Hisoka, healing sex using Hisoka's powers. That could be more elaborate, slower, ritualistic. Or something they both stumble into. Maybe Oriya figures out what Hisoka can do.

Fandom Four: Weiss Kreuz

Florist assassins! Asshole telepaths! My love for this terrible, terrible anime will never die. NEVER.

Tsukiyono Omi- Takatori Mamoru/Naoe Nagi

Oh,my sweet summer assassins. I wrote a whole ship manifesto about these morons back in the day if you really want to dig into them. I'm especially intrigued by the period between Kapitel and Gluhen, where they start working together, because it's such a black box. Canon-era or future fic is also fine, though!

Kinks: Crossdressing, Oral Fixation, Sex After Fighting/Battle, Semi-Hate Sex, Undercover as a Couple, identity play

I feel like all of these are pretty self-explanatory, for once. I don't care who wears the dress (if it is a dress), and I'm pretty sure it's Mamoru with the oral fixation.

Fujimiya "Aya" Ran/Hidaka Ken/Kudou Yohji/Tsukiyono Omi | Takatori Mamoru

Ah, Weiss. Failboats is probably not quite the right word, but let's roll with it. They mostly save--well, some people--sometimes in spite of themselves. They're mostly a little ball of self-loathing, with the possible exception of Omi sometimes. Although it's pushing the bounds of canon a bit, I really do like Weiss when there's at least a little bit of a 'found family' feel, however reluctant. I like Omi willing to assert himself, at least some of the time. (I am also half-convinced that Omi spends most of Kapitel hoping that at least one of the rest of these jerks will at least give him a kiss.)

Kinks: Oral Fixation, Sex After Fighting/Battle, Sex as a Teambuilding Exercise, Sex Pollen, Consensual Gang Bang

This is another one where, if there is dubious consent, I'd like it to be "this is a terrible idea, even though I would really like to have sex with you" kind of dubious consent rather than a "I'm not actually sure if I would like to have sex with you at all or right now."

As Omi is, technically, the longest-serving member of Weiss, I'd be more than fine with him being in charge of any sex teambuilding.

I am thinking the most likely culprit for sex pollen or sex-pollen-like sex would be one of Masafumi's old experiments, but Schwarz or a third party could also drug (or whatever) the boys to see what happens. (Remember those old scientific experiments where they wanted to create something that would make soldiers fuck each other on the battlefield? That's what I'm talking about.)

Thanks again, especially if you made it all the way through this! Whew!

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