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Apparently this is happening, so I wrote a drabble.

They watched the premiere in stunned silence.

"No," Sanzo and Goku said simultaneously, as the credits rolled.

"I wasn't that young--"

"I'm not that old now--"

"You're both being stupid," Gojyo said, lighting another cigarette. "It's not really about you anyway."

"Easy for you to say," Sanzo said, grabbing his lighter. "You're not on this fucking show."

"It's just the first episode," Hakkai said. "Technically, we wouldn't be in until--"

"Oh, no," Gojyo said. "Oh fuck, no."

Hakkai swallowed audibly.

Sanzo and Goku looked at each other. Then Sanzo picked up the remote and selected Season Pass.


Jul. 6th, 2014 12:01 pm
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Did I mention I'm failing at LJ? Cause boy, am I.

I wrote lots of stuff, though.

I wrote One for Four (The Measured with Coffee Spoons Remix) for Sherlock Remix.

BowlofGlow wrote Impossible Things Before Breakfast as a remix of my Under the Skin.

I have also written a ton for [community profile] weissvsaiyuki, which you should check out if you haven't already. (I need to catch up on my reading there).


Pray Someone is There to Hit the Switch, Saiyuki Gaiden, Tenpou/Kenren, the theme 'mad science' and lots of foreboding

Through the Mill of Love, canon-divergent AU where Goyjo is a prostitute and Hakkai is...not that different.

Cold Snap is another Saiyuki Miami Multiverse story.

For the Rashomon challenge (take on the same story through a different perspective), I wrote Good Dog, connecting to Cold Snap.

Weiss Kreuz

Recursive, where Nagi and Mamoru end up working together between Kapitel and Gluhen.
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I have been AWFUL. Mostly on Tumblr when not in my secret lair writing shit.

Indelicateink did a mini fic weekend! I wrote stuff! Someone wrote for me! Check it out, there is great WK and Saiyuki stuff.

Speaking of Saiyuki: NEW RELOAD BLAST SCANS HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. Reading this immediately after listening to the last Night Vale was an especially ill-advised idea.

I also got an AMAZING (not really SFW) piece of Captain America fanart for ShipSwap! Check it out here. It's Falcon/Cap but JUST GO LOOK AT IT OKAY IT'S AMAAAAZING.
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[ profile] weissvsaiyuki is a multi-prompt challenge community pitting Weiss Kreuz against Saiyuki for great justice! Or great porn. Or perhaps just for fun. Check it out, I'm in. :D
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Not quite sure where this came from, but the world needed Koumyou and Jikaku hanging out. Set between the (presumed) end of Ibun and Ukoku's Burial arc. Thanks to [personal profile] lindentreeisle for looking it over.

Reunion )
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Late is better than never...I hope.

For [personal profile] red_squared, Yohji and Omi/Mamoru, short shorts. This turned out darker than I planned.

Short shorts )

For [personal profile] lauand, Hakkai and Gojyo have been around the weird so long that the normal rings false:

That can't be right )
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I finished a story for [community profile] trope_bingo! It's on the AO3, because I am flaky and posted it there by accident. It's future/speculation fic for Saiyuki for the 'Secret child' prompt. Oooh, secret children.

Here it is: Descendant

I also did Baby's First Photoset for trope-bingo, this one for au: circus. It's Batfamily!


Those of you following the latest Saiyuki Reload Blast chapters may find this article on eating bear meat interesting. No discussion about the good medicine in the right paw, alas.

Am tempted to do a mini bang for [profile] heroinebigbang and speculate for 5K or so on Eda's CIA backstory. So very tempted.
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I wrote a long essay on Gojyo and Sanzo over on the LJ. I forgot to crosspost it, but feel free to stop by!

More fic!

Apr. 29th, 2012 09:16 pm
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I also wrote two bonus remixes:

Sing Me to Sleep (the stubborn bastards remix), Kirk/McCoy, Star Trek Reboot. I again broke my usual rule and pulled a POV switch. When I read the original, I started wondering how Jim had realized Bones was so exhausted, so I had Chapel break the rules and call him in. (Chapel better show up in the new movie.) I loved the feel of the original, the exhausted, end-of-the-line, everything's wrong frustration.

Can't Buy a Thrill (the overcaffinated remix) is possibly the most obvious thing I have ever written ever, something of an expansion of [personal profile] daegaer's original story, with three takes on Nagi and Mamori's weird little relationship. It had all my weaknesses; Mamoru and Nagi being incredible dorks, Coca-Cola, and an excuse to use a Steely Dan reference in my title. ♥

And I also wrote something new for [profile] saiyuki_wk_au:

When the World Is Running Down, an alternate universe Saiyuki fic where the Sanzo-ikkou are drag kings. During the apocalypse.

And on Tuesday [profile] springkink starts...that reminds me, anyone want to beta Magnum, PI?
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It's the second-most wonderful time of the year, the time when you give credit to your betas and trawl for more hits by posting links to your work.

In no particular order:

I wrote two stories for [community profile] weiss_kreuzmas:

Five Dumb Things Yohji Did (And One that Turned Out Pretty Great) for [personal profile] red_squared. Thanks to [personal profile] lindentreeisle and [personal profile] emungere for betaing this one.

For the bonus round I wrote Sight of Passage for [profile] oracle_dreams. Red and Linden both pulled beta duty on this one.

For the [profile] wk_100 drabble exchange I wrote Ken and Yohji on an unexpected picnic. (Thanks to [personal profile] dormouse_in_tea for catching that I had the wrong character there, yikes!)

And then Yuletide! I wrote one assigned story, two treats, and three Madness fics. (I guess taking a year off really did bring my mojo back.)

Uncertain of All was my assignment (Konzen-centric, Saiyuki Gaiden). I'd had mixed feelings about offering Saiyuki Gaiden, because I write it anyway and it seemed bigger than most of the things I write for, but I figured the franchise rule was the franchise rule, and I knew I could certainly do a good job on it. I felt even better when I saw cease's request letter and found out she loved Konzen and wanted something Konzen-centric. Sold. Thanks to Linden (yeah, I know, it's cause I'm always on chat with her ♥) and [personal profile] nekonexus for doing beta work.

Under the cut 'cause this got long )
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My last h/c bingo post of 2011! There's at least one story left once I get it in shape for amnesty. Thanks to [personal profile] lindentreeisle for betaing. Spoilers for Gojyo's backstory; angsty and kind of dark. It's the free choice square and I chose "Abandonment."

Jien's face was whiter than Gojyo had ever seen it )


Nov. 21st, 2011 08:15 pm
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An extremely weird portrait of Marlon Brando in Japan, with weird Orientalism, Brando just starting to slide into bizarreness, and some rather interesting inside baseball.

Did anyone watch Praying Mantis but me? I kind of wish it was on DVD so I could see if it held up.

Also, A thoughtful post on the differences between Saiyuki and the original Journey to the West.

Weiss Kreuzmas main fic is done, second fic is sort of a mess, and Yuletide needs more work. Progress is progress!
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I keep forgetting to link these.

For [profile] ladies_fest on LJ, I wrote post-Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau.

And for [profile] saiyuki_wk_au, I wrote Vampire Stripper Gojyo, which I finally cleaned up and posted to AO3 with help from [personal profile] emungere.

My first [community profile] weiss_kreuzmas fic is done too! And Yuletide is coming....
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The last installment in the story I wrote for the kinkmeme. This might be my favorite opening line ever. Thanks again to [personal profile] emungere for the beta.

The Day Before )

Also, there are a few quick notes on my abuse of Buddhism in the AO3 version.

ALSO DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A MULTI-CHAPTERED WORK 'COMPLETE' IN THE AO3? Why are things on this archive so hard? EDIT: Never mind, it's fixed now. IDEK.
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Remember that fluffy 5/8 I wrote for the kinkmeme? If you don't, it was Released, and here's its sequel, Caught.

And here's the part 3 (of 4) you may or may not have been waiting for. This is mostly 39. [personal profile] emungere betaed this too, 'cause she's awesome.

The Morning After )

What's the etiquette for posting post-anon-reveal sequels to fic posted anonymously to kinkmemes? Should I?
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The sequel to Released! Now with a beta by [personal profile] emungere. This one has much more Gen and Professor Son.

Caught )
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I wrote this a bit back for the kinkmeme. 5/8, pretty fluffy, prompt was for an age gap between the men. So of course, I threw Hakkai in prison for 25 years. Thanks to [personal profile] emungere for helping me clean it up to post, I'll put the sequel up later when hopefully I've finished something else, gdi.

Released )


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