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I wrote a long essay on Gojyo and Sanzo over on the LJ. I forgot to crosspost it, but feel free to stop by!
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Just a note before we begin: This is from the perspective of an English-speaking Westerner and primarily deals with Western English-language fandom, as that's what I know best. Japanese fandom may well treat this subject quite differently. My knowledge of Japanese culture is, of course, imperfect, but I've tried to do my best. If you're unfamiliar with anime and manga, please note that all manga panels are read right to left. (Also note that this post is image-heavy.) There are some notes at the end about Japanese culture and Buddhism that newcomers might find helpful, as well!

My eternal gratitude to my LJ flist for their patience, suggestions, and encouragement.


Once in a while in Saiyuki fandom, the question of Genjyo Sanzo's virginity comes around. For those of you unfamiliar with Saiyuki, it's a cracked-out, funny and surprisingly emotional retelling of the classic Chinese tale The Journey to the West. There are four lead characters: Genjyo Sanzo, a short-tempered, spiritually powerful Buddhist priest; Sha Gojyo, a gambler and ladies' man; Cho Hakkai, polite to a disquieting fault; and Son Goku, the 'kid' of the group, sweet, energetic and openhearted. Here's a rundown of the canon. This essay contains minor spoilers right up to the latest chapters of Saiyuki Reload Blast.

Of the four leads, we know that Goku hasn't had sex; we know Gojyo and Hakkai have. That leaves Sanzo, and where there's a question, fans and ficcers will speculate.

There's more to the fascination over Sanzo's quantum virginity than an unanswered question, though.

For one thing.... )
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You know what I love? Looking back and realizing oh yes, you really did just put AU!Jiroshin in charge of babysitting tiny!Goku and ickle!Sanzo. Kory is ten and would shoot me a Glare of Death for implying that he is in any way ickle.

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[personal profile] andmydog wrote my Remix, and it's here, so if you're one of those people who don't read fic until you've got a name attached, go read it.

And now, because I've wanted to talk about this story FOREVER, are this year's notes on Remix. My story is here. It's Goku and Sanzo, and love, and death.

Meta, or liner notes, or whatever, below the cut )
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This is a little rambly, but I've been poking at it for days, so we'll release it into the wild. This is about fanfiction, because that's what I do, but if you want to jump in with reflections on what you do, please do!

Okay, let's start off with the simple stuff: this entry is pretty creepy and terrible. Generalizations, gender essentialism, and pretty much my least favorite fairy tale ever. (Bonus fail in the comments, whee!)

Having said that, [personal profile] calamitycrow has one excellent point: mentors are awesome, and it's important to many writers (and other creative folk) to have encouragement and support.

Did you grow up with a writing mentor? My parents certainly encouraged my writing, probably as much as any parents would or could; but they weren't writers. My dad was enormously creative, but he didn't put fingers to keyboard to write a story until after I was out of college and had been writing original and fanfiction for quite some time. Instead, the support I got were from my teachers at high school and college, mostly my English and writing teachers. One of my favorite English teachers was one who, after she gave us a creative writing assignment, shared the two "A" papers with the class; mine and another student's. We'd both done the assignment very differently, and she talked about the effort we'd put in, and the very different tone and content of both stories, with a real attention to the craft of writing. (And what can I say? I love having my ego stroked.)

And eventually, of course, I found fandom. And fandom runs the gamut, doesn't it? For all the people who post THIS POST IS AWESOME AND YOU ARE AWESOME there are a pile of people who seem to think that attacking others is an exciting game that will earn them points if they come up with the best cutting remark. (And of course, sometimes one person's criticism is another's cruelty.)

To me, the best writing community is neither of these; what I've managed to carve out, and what I love, is a big heaping helping of THIS IS AWESOME AND YOU ARE AWESOME, but also with betas and friends who are willing to say 'this isn't working,' or 'I'm confused,' or 'you are smack dab in Unfortunate Implications territory.' (See how much I love you? I didn't link to TV Tropes.)

Everyone, of course, has their own needs, and I think one of the great things about fandom is the way we can build ourselves a community that suits us, whether it's a fat flist filled with communities, a delicious account, or something else entirely. (Although I'd be happy without some of the crueler aspects...but that's another post.)

What about you? Who encouraged your creative life? How do you feel you sustain it now?


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:50 pm
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Yeah, yeah. And a new one from [personal profile] meganbmoore!

List 10 (or however many) platonic male/female relationships in fiction that you enjoy. My attempt at rules:

1. They interact in canon, preferably in a significant (apply your own interpretation of such) way.
2. They are not related. They can, however, view each other as surrogate family.
3. Neither has confessed or implied romantic love for the other in canon.
4. They have not dated, been married, had sex, or made out in canon, on purpose, and over their own free will.
5. A popular fanon ship is ok (though preferably not your ship) but a canon pairing you wish were just friends is out.
6. Try to avoid using the same character or series twice.
7. They don’t have to be friends.

I am also trying to avoid 'will they/won't they' ships.

These are not in any particular order, aside from #1.

1. Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin, Modesty Blaise books and comics. NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET. The saddest story in the world is that there's actually a Modesty movie out there with Terrence Stamp-- Terrence Stamp, people! as Willie...and it sucks. THERE IS NO JUSTICE.

The rest of the list )

Edited because HTML can suck it.
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I haven't watched the latest episode or, er, the episode before that. Nonetheless, have yourself some SPN meta.

So here's the thing. That damn book of Supernatural essays started me thinking meta.

Y'all know this way lies madness.

And honestly, I'm sure someone else has said this, somewhere, but SPN fandom scares me, so here we go!

Dean and his issues with women. )

This owes a bit of a debt to "Dean Winchester: Bad-Ass...or Soccer Mom?" by Tanya Michaels, from In the Hunt, which I reviewed here.
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1. Wow, [profile] karose, that Speed Racer movie sure was slashy. I think I'm gonna watch it again to see Rain bite his lip. Also, if there is An Association to Give Christina Ricci A Sandwich, I would like to join it.

2. Nifty article with [personal profile] sartorias, aka Sherwood Smith, here.

3. In case you haven't already seen this, the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin performed by a troupe of Deaf Chinese dancers.

4. [personal profile] lindentreeisle is correct. The GI Joe movie looks stupid. If you don't believe me, I have one word: Supersuits. Yeah, I don't get it either.

5. Gay marriage is looking good in Maine! US NEW ENGLANDERS WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD, YO.

6. Am working on several fics and two short stories at once. Seems to be the only way I make progress on any of them. Am well aware this proves I am insane.


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