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The good

I just put this bread in the oven. It smells yummy.

The bad

Gay Ugandans leave their country in fear.

States in the US, in South Dakota in particular, are taking Indian kids from their homes and tribes and putting them in white foster families.

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation keeps track of charities and donation drives in Pine Ridge Reservation, an Oglala Sioux reservation in South Dakota, if that last segment makes you feel particularly angry and/or helpless.

The awesome

A slideshow of images of Edo-period Japanese art with an interview with the curator of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' new show. See how many influences you can spot!
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Lucky you, my friend is taking commissions!

Also, you (general you) can believe that Sha Gojyo is straight all you want to. If you do this, read the manga, and do not think he has flirted with men, I have serious doubts about your reading comprehension. Serious. Doubts.

Also, I got to reference Ensign Sue Must Die in this week's [community profile] fandom_grammar entry. Good week.
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People seemed to like my Yuletart piece! My first watercolor in roughly FOREVER, and I feel so amateurish compared to some of the other stuff. BUT I DID MY BEST.

I also wrote Nagi and Omi hacking into each other's computers for the bonus round of [community profile] weiss_kreuzmas. Which was fun! I hope we all do it again next year.

Now I need to finish, and possibly restart, my White Lotus fic. Woe.


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