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I have been playing Glitch. It's fun. Sort of like The Sims if you only had one Sim and had to do everything for them. And there were gods. Maybe it's not that much like The Sims, IDK.

I have three two invites if you want in, first come, first served, etc.

[personal profile] rosehiptea wrote me Trigun fic! LOVE HER.

[personal profile] lynndyre drew me Asterix and Obelix (and Dogmatix) here! LOVE HER TOO.

Oh, and I FINALLY came up with a title for this Avengers fic I worked on for like two months, so here it is: Files/TStark/Complete/portrait.jpg, or five times Steve drew Tony when he wasn't aware, and one when Tony was watching intently. I hope it's as much fun to read as it was to write.

EDIT: I am reliably informed that Glitch is not like The Sims at all. It might be important to note that I am, as they say, not much of a gamer and my frame of reference for games past the Super Mario era is mostly Resident Evil, Guitar Hero, Just Dance, and The Sims.

EDIT 2: I am Rock Samsonite, if you're looking for me. Friend away!
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Three for springkink:

When I'm Sixty-Four (Or Perhaps Somewhat Older), Magnum, PI, Magnum/Higgins;

and I wasn't even gay until five minutes ago, Black Lagoon, Chang/Rock;

Meet Me in the Middle, Yami, Tatsumi/Watari;

And one for hc_bingo:

Cold Comfort, Rh Plus, Ageha/Makoto

And two gen stories! I can write gen, really!

A Regular Chinese Betsy Ross, Black Lagoon again;

And Soft Skills, gen for that Avengers thing I hear you kids like. Mostly it's a giant love letter to Steve Rogers. Who's surprised? NO ONE.


May. 19th, 2012 09:28 pm
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Finally saw it. Rec me all the stuff I missed, please? I know some of you put up reviews but I can't seem to remember who or when....

Also, is Steve calling Tony "Tony" by the end or is it still "Mr. Stark"? I kind of lost track with all the jumping up and down in my seat and cheering on and all.


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