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I stole this with a change from [personal profile] 7veils:

1. Post me a favorite paragraph from one of your fics, or one of your favourite authors' fics, or one of my fics --- something with a lot of mood, atmosphere, emotion; something that makes you laugh, cry, or jump up and down with excitement.

2. I will choose a song or piece of music which I think goes along with your fic.

3. If it's in my personal database, I will upload it onto sendspace or some similar ftp site for you to enjoy. Or, I will find a youtube link which corresponds.

It'll probably be a YouTube link because my music is on another hard drive, but let's try!
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Friends, Romans, countrymen....

I have literally been working on this damn thing for years. Sometimes it was shippy, sometimes it was friendshippy, generally it was a hot mess. But I think I finally got it.

The Loneliest Mile: A Kurosaki Hisoka/Tatsumi Seiichirou fanmix

It's got Rurutia, and Vienna Teng, and Mazzy Star, and, and....

Art and track list under cut )

Full FST with cover art!

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30 Harshest Author-on-Author insults in History. Gertrude Stein on Ezra Pound might be my favorite: A village explainer. Excellent if you were a village, but if you were not, not. Nabakov apparently hated everyone, lol.

Ancient Graffiti from Pompeii. I want to use some of these as fic prompts. Theophilus, don’t perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog.

Sometimes it's easy to forget, but Beyonce is actually pretty awesome.

Have you checked out Do Ask, Do Tell, a consent comment fic meme, yet? YOU SHOULD.

Americans, did you know Tiger and Bunny is available to watch FREE on Hulu? BECAUSE IT IS.
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Ever work on an FST, and get kind of stuck, and then, on the way home, you hear a song that reminds you of another song, and you realize it is the song your FST has been missing and you rush home and dig up your CDs until you find it?

Feels good, doesn't it?

Can't embed it, so go listen. I need to figure out what's screwing up my spacebar.
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Ganked from all over the place. I think at least one of these came from FWD/Forward but I've forgotten the rest.

Pop Culture

Larry Hart got the idea to decorate his mansion with spackle squeezed out of cake-frosting tubes from a book on Versailles...

The American aesthetic of bling.

Marlee Matlin had an idea for a reality show that she hoped would bring some insight into the lives and struggles of deaf people and how they cope. But while reality TV has brought us wife swappers, party girls, aging rock stars and dieting divas, apparently no one was ready for something that real.

Marlee Matlin launches her own reality series on YouTube.

While winning the role may have been serendipitous for R.J., what he is making out of the opportunity is quite deliberate. It has allowed him to discover himself -- not only as an actor but also as an activist for the rights of people with disabilities in the entertainment industry.

A profile of R.J. Mitte.

This Is Possibly Kind of About Fandom

a lot of people look at the critical impulse, and the work that it sometimes produces, as some kind of attempt to kill their buzz

Snobbery, projection, resentment.

If you can't unsay something you just realized is horribly wrong, the next best thing is to claim you never said it.

World's Saddest Internet Argument Techniques, 2010 edition. I think I've gotten every fucking one of these.


You're welcome.


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