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Spoilers for The Prom and all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. )

"And you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone." GILES. ILU FOREVER.
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If you're trying to figure out what SurveyFail is, this is a pretty good roundup. Linkspam at Dreamwidth is following things, here's their master post.

Short version: Newly minted Ph.Ds Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam get a book deal about, we think, sexuality and the Internet. They decide part of their research should involve this strange beast called 'slash,' create a survey intended for slash readers, and have long conversations with [profile] shaggirl, best known as a mod of [community profile] crack_van, about the best way to get more responses to this survey. They claim to be learning from her, though the evidence of this is dubious at best. At any rate, they create a survey.

They ask shaggirl how to promote it on

Now there's a problem here, as you might know:

1. They are under the (mistaken) impression that slash is primarily or exclusively sexually explicit.

2. is not only mostly underage, NC-17 fic is prohibited there.

3. The survey questions are (Set One; Set Two, one question in Set Two might be triggery) increasingly sexual and intimate.

So Ogas and Gaddam at least intended, I can't find any evidence as to whether they were successful or not, to ask questions like 39. If you read erotic fan fiction, what kinks (erotic situations) do you enjoy? to people as young as 13. This information is not a big secret, it's available right at's Wikipedia page. (Please note I did click through to the survey back when it was up, and there was no indication you should be 18 or any minimum age before taking the survey.)

Other problems:

1. Using the word 'tranny' while not actually being transgendered, and then replacing it with 'shemale.' FLAMES. FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.
2. Pretending to be affiliated with Boston University while merely being graduates.
3. Not pointing out the survey is for a book deal; instead pretending it was for 'research.'
4. Erasing men who write slash, lesbians who write slash, and...hell, anyone who's not a heterosexual cisgendered female slash writer.
5. Assuming everyone who reads and writes slash is a lonely, undereducated housewife completely incapable of understanding basic principles of science and their Big Words.

...there's more but if you want it, it's easy to find. Ogas, after making a post to defend the word I used above, locked his journal, but fandom in its infinite wisdom has been screencapping.

Thank heavens for fandom, seriously. We have our stupidity and our wanks and our fails, but oooh we can close ranks and put up the barriers when we need to. And we clearly need to this time around.

Also, we have better macros than anyone.
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Approach the First!

One: Make some misguided comments in an utterly brilliant post about men and rape culture.

Two: Keep digging.

Three (optional): Post about the hole in your journal. If you're lucky, your friends will come around and tell you you did nothing wrong!

Four: Find reasons to blame the people who are still at ground level. (I do not recommend reading the comments.)

Who knew it was so easy!?

Approach the Second

Step one: Have a bad beta experience.

Step two (you have to get lucky here): Wait until the person you tried to beta posts about her frustration and self-doubt.

Step three: Decide, even though you were not actually named, decide that the post is actually a personal attack on you. Send forth your Internet hordes to defend your blemished honor!

Details here and here.

This post is unlocked, but I don't expect any wank to start, because who reads me other than people I already know? If it does, I has a banhammer and the ability to freeze comments with that nifty ice cube. Be respectful, don't expect me to change my mind about your shitty friend, blah, blah, blah. Comments are consolidated on LJ because I'm feeling deviant today. Plus, most of my friends are still on LJ. Use your OpenID, Dreamwidth users!

You should check out [personal profile] cereta's post anyway. It's good stuff. I want to post on it separately at some point.

You got it, comment over here.


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