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Thank you for writing for me! I must say your choices in fandoms are awesome.

Below is my letter with some additional notes and where to find the sources, in case you're curious about a fandom we didn't match on. (I have mostly included US sources, because that's what I know.)

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In case you're wondering about what I like in general, this is from last year (and hasn't really changed):

Here are some things I like: Humor, drama, snark, romance, smiling in the face of absurdity. (You can probably tell from my requests.)

Here are some things I don't like: Character bashing/needless sideswipes at characters, noncon. I read some dubcon but am weirdly fussy about it, so if you don't already know me it'd probably be easiest not to write it.

I am agnostic about porn: if you want to write it, great! If you don't want to write it, great! I have indicated pairings in my requests where I have them but I like gen too. (In fact, Yuletide is one of my favorite places to get my gen fic.)

I love friendship, found families, and all the fandoms I nominated.
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Slate has a pretty cool roundup of hoaxes, not related necessarily to the day, via

If you're not reading TJ and Amal yet, you should be. This might not be the best day to start though. But enjoy the ridiculous front page!

Google maps: Now available for your Nintendo Entertainment System. Don't forget to blow on the cartridge!

Think Geek is always worth checking out.

The Woot writers are on strike.

Anything else good?

EDIT: Kodak helps you print your own adorable kittens!


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