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Thank you for writing for me! I must say your choices in fandoms are awesome.

Below is my letter with some additional notes and where to find the sources, in case you're curious about a fandom we didn't match on. (I have mostly included US sources, because that's what I know.)

Black Books: Manny, Fran, Bernard

Black Books is an English TV show; there are only three short seasons and it's utterly hilarious. It's on Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix Watch Instant.

There are two things I love about Black Books: That it makes me laugh like hell, and that Bernard Black is an utter, irredeemable bastard. Having said that, you can have any or all of the main cast in your story.

In addition to what I wrote at signup:

I love humor, and I'd love to see what our heroes (such as they are) would do with 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight. Or in a zombie apocalypse. Or in the Elizabethan era. Or...well. You get the idea. My favorite episodes are them all scrambling around trying to deal with a crisis, whether that's the heat or terrible, terrible vacation planning. (Though, okay, I love all the episodes.)

Chronicles of Prydain: Dallben, Eilowny, Fflewddur

This is a series of children's books by Lloyd Alexander. It takes a bit of inspiration from Welsh mythology, but is mostly its own delightful world. If you're in the US these books are often in your local library, that's where I found them back in the day.

I love pretty much all of Our Heroes, but my absolute favorites are the three listed above. They can all be together, separate, whatever strikes your fancy, author. Do keep in mind I read The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain many times in my youth, so I know the backstories of Dallben, Fflewddur, and Drynwyn. (You should read the book too, not to write me Yuletide stories, just 'cause it's awesome.)

In addition to what I wrote at signup:

The reason I wrote that I know the backstories is simply because if you write a different backstory, the annoying bits of my brain will say 'but it didn't happen like that!' You by no means need to have read and/or memorized The Foundling! I would seriously love to just see and hear from my old friends again. I do ship Taran/Eilowny like burning. (I used to ship Fflewddur/me, but I'm over that. Mostly.)

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal: Amal, Radihka

An adults-only webcomic about a less than epic road trip found here.

I am a total sucker for sibling relationships/bonding. Amal clearly thinks the world of his sister, and I'm guessing she feels the same way - I'd love to see them interact.

In addition to what I wrote at signup:

That's actually pretty much it! Before the story, after, when they're little kids, whatever might strike your fancy.

Wild Zero: Tobio, Yamazaki

Wild Zero is, more or less, a deliberately campy horror movie about zombies, love, and rock and roll. Netflix has the DVD and there are clips on YouTube. Also, this review sums it all up. (It's very spoilery but also very funny.)

I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE OKAY. I'd love to know more about either of these women, before, after, or during the events of the movie.

In addition to what I wrote at signup:

Either or both, as I think I implied there. This movie is so willfully stupid and campy and fun and awesome. I think you probably have to have an explosion there to be a true Wild Zero story, but if you want to prove me wrong, go for it!

In case you're wondering about what I like in general, this is from last year (and hasn't really changed):

Here are some things I like: Humor, drama, snark, romance, smiling in the face of absurdity. (You can probably tell from my requests.)

Here are some things I don't like: Character bashing/needless sideswipes at characters, noncon. I read some dubcon but am weirdly fussy about it, so if you don't already know me it'd probably be easiest not to write it.

I am agnostic about porn: if you want to write it, great! If you don't want to write it, great! I have indicated pairings in my requests where I have them but I like gen too. (In fact, Yuletide is one of my favorite places to get my gen fic.)

I love friendship, found families, and all the fandoms I nominated.

Date: 2012-10-22 03:15 pm (UTC)
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Knowing absolutely nothing about Wild Zero, I'm now imagining Isaac, Erica and Boyd as Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf and Drum Wolf.


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