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When trying to avoid hc_bingo, you'll finish up the darndest things, I've found.

Summary: Mycroft learns a lesson. Perhaps not the right lesson, but a lesson nonetheless. Pre-canon; gen with a dollop of Lestrade. Thanks to Tiggy and Blue for betaing.

Lestrade was ... interesting.

Neither Mycroft nor Sherlock found many interesting people. )
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I keep forgetting about these.

For this year's Purim Gifts I wrote

Three stories for my recipient [personal profile] beckyh2112:

Looking Ahead, Excalibur/Kitty Pryde gen with Magneto;

Bear, Ursa-centered Avatar: TLA gen;

Keeping the Flame, a sequel to Bear with Toph and Katara.

And a treat!

A long spring day, BBC Sherlock gen with Lestrade and Donovan.

♥ for my betas!

Oh, and for [personal profile] glass_icarus's Avatar prompt fest I wrote Feeding the Ducklings for [personal profile] terajk. (You should check out their Avatar stories too.)
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Are there indications in the show about what class John might have come from? I'm toying with Harry being successful in tech and overcoming her social station, or, alternately, John being the one who rebels from his upper-crust background by running off and joining the military.

Help the tone-deaf American?

EDIT: Just running into say I love using my 'flist knows all' tag because IT'S TRUE.
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Four chemicals Lestrade was glad Sherlock quit, two he tolerated, and one he decided he rather liked

Thanks to [personal profile] tiggymalvern and [personal profile] lindentreeisle for betaing. Minor spoilers for the first episode of Sherlock. Gen. Some drug and alcohol use (no, really?), chemical formulas are at the end if context doesn't do it.

Lestrade knew he'd hit bottom when he found himself reading the Daily Mail )

Beta call!

Mar. 5th, 2011 07:17 pm
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...apparently I need a Britpicker for a brief Sherlock fic. Because this is what procrastinating on purimtreats and weissday brings. PAIN.

Could anyone be a Britpicker for me? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: DONE! You guys are fast, and thanks.


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