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Thank you for writing for me! I requested fic this time around but if anyone would like to treat me art, that's more than welcome--I basically come up with better fic prompts than art prompts and didn't feel really confident about coming up with them this time around. If you think something I prompt/want works for art, I would love that!

Porn is fine, but it's also fine if you're not feeling it. General likes and dislikes can be found at my Yuletide letter. As I say there, if I have more/better prompts for one pairing than another, it's due to the limits of my imagination, not my like of any pairing. Prompts are possibilities, not demands, go crazy if you get a better idea!

Black Lagoon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Young Avengers, Sherlock/DC Comics, Narnia/Marvel )
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I keep forgetting about these.

For this year's Purim Gifts I wrote

Three stories for my recipient [personal profile] beckyh2112:

Looking Ahead, Excalibur/Kitty Pryde gen with Magneto;

Bear, Ursa-centered Avatar: TLA gen;

Keeping the Flame, a sequel to Bear with Toph and Katara.

And a treat!

A long spring day, BBC Sherlock gen with Lestrade and Donovan.

♥ for my betas!

Oh, and for [personal profile] glass_icarus's Avatar prompt fest I wrote Feeding the Ducklings for [personal profile] terajk. (You should check out their Avatar stories too.)


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