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Thank you for writing for me! I requested fic this time around but if anyone would like to treat me art, that's more than welcome--I basically come up with better fic prompts than art prompts and didn't feel really confident about coming up with them this time around. If you think something I prompt/want works for art, I would love that!

Porn is fine, but it's also fine if you're not feeling it. General likes and dislikes can be found at my Yuletide letter. As I say there, if I have more/better prompts for one pairing than another, it's due to the limits of my imagination, not my like of any pairing. Prompts are possibilities, not demands, go crazy if you get a better idea!

Black Lagoon

Pairings: Chang/Rock

Oh, these assholes. Chang owns exactly who and what he is, but Rock's not there yet, and I like that tension. Also, they are both super fucking hot.

  • I always kind of like it when Rock ends up in damsel in distress mode. I'm sure Chang would take very good care of him.
  • Rock and Chang end up on opposite sides of a shootout, intentionally or not.
  • Holed up in a cabin, alone on the boat, maybe one character's hurt and the other has to take care of him.
  • Chang decides to give Rock some tips on [shooting, being a badass, running your own cartel].

Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood/manga)

Pairings: Alphonse Elric/Ling Yao, Alphonse Elric/Roy Mustang

Grown-up Al is so damn handsome, and while I'm very glad the manga ended where it did, I confess I've always been curious about how Al navigates the world as an adult. I figure after the years in the armor he'd be particularly grateful to have his senses, and particularly sensitive to touch, taste and smell. While that idea lends itself to porn (and I would be more than happy with porn!), how he handles relationships makes me curious too. Is he a friends-with-benefits type or more of a one-man guy? Friends turning into something more? There are a lot of possibilities with both these pairings, I think, and of course there's the question of navigating Ling's and Mustang's ambitions, too...

I like Ling's confidence and, well, greed, and his brash personality. I love the tension between Mustang's image and his own real goals and need to make amends. And I just love Al so much, his patience and charm and kindness. (FTR: While I don't really ship Mustang/Riza, I love how important they are to each other, so please don't pretend she doesn't exist. I don't need a paragraph about how awesome she is in a PWP or anything, of course!)

Prompts - Al/Ling

  • The Emperor has to go somewhere incognito. He asks Al for help. Undercover hijinks ensue.
  • Ling hosts a banquet. Al's dessert. 
  • A fic about everyday life in Xing would be fun, especially digging into Al's studies.

Prompts - Al/Mustang

  • Al comes back from his travels and settles in Central City. Maybe he starts flirting his way around town and Mustang gets jealous.
  • Al shows Mustang what he learned in his travels.
  • Mustang goes to Xing or one of the other countries Al's grown familiar with and Al acts as guide.

Young Avengers

Pairings: David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, Eli Bradley/Tommy Shepherd

I shipped Tommy/Eli after YA Volume 1 and Tommy/David after Volume 2, so I guess I just want Tommy on his knees kind of a lot? Tommy is that great mix of bravado and insecurity, and really both David and Eli have some of that going on as well. I like they way they bounce off each other.

Prompts - David/Tommy
  • Bored at work. Maybe they finally get that coffee. Maybe they go back to David's apartment instead.
  • David knows something Tommy doesn't about the tortured Kaplan/Shepherd/Maximoff family dynamics.
  • Superhero shenanigans. I am always up for saving the day.
Prompts - Eli/Tommy
  • Tommy visits Eli in Phoenix and things get complicated.
  • They find out Kate's dating someone else and console each other. 'Console.'
  • Superhero shenanigans. I am (still) always up for saving the day.


Pairings: Edmund Pevensie/Loki (MCU), Edmund/Loki (Marvel Comics)

So Edmund sold the world out for some disappointing candy (it was during rationing, to be fair) and Loki, whether comics or movies Loki, has done some stuff. But what I really want is for them to be too busy charming one another to worry about thorny issues of guilt and repentance.

I see MCU Loki as a young man, suffering though boring diplomatic missions with his brother and father, and Edmund catching his eye (I actually wrote this one as a giftfic and kind of fell for the pairing then). With the comics, it's teen!Loki, maybe on a mission for Asgard (or maybe one for himself, or maybe both) who runs into Edmund. Either way I'm up for an uneasy truce or a mutual admiration society. Maybe a little of both.

  • A mission in Narnia, in Asgard, or on Earth that forces the two to team up.
  • They try to one-up one another with fancy banquets.
  • Or try to find the most ridiculous thing in each other's kingdom.
  • Time travel.

Pairing: Lestrade (Sherlock)/John motherfucking Constantine (DC Comics)

What happens when Greg Lestrade is confronted with actual magic? I don't know, please tell me. Lestrade's certainly not unfamiliar with prickly types.

  • Lestrade meets a hot guy at the pub. (Sometimes I'm a woman of simple pleasures.)
  • Lestrade puts his hands on a magical artifact that's a bit too hot to handle.
  • Sex magic. Maybe an established relationship, maybe Constantine needs Lestrade for reasons.

I'll add more if I think of anything. Thank you again!


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