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From Rachel Maddow via the UK, footage of a Japanese camera crew that fled the tsunami. I got a little teary at the end (in a good way).

Lots of my friends have weighed in about their auctions!

Dreamwidth thread

LJ thread

An excellent roundup of relief efforts and facts from [profile] dilettantka, a Westerner who lives in Japan.
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So far, everyone who's weighed in can be found at the thread on my LJ here. Auctions are at LJ and DW.

While of course my friends are all AMAZING and you should bid on them ALL, I want to put in a good word for [personal profile] threewalls, who is just an extraordinary beta (though, of course, all my betas are great). She's put my feet in the right direction too many times to count.

And I've been poking around an idea: I don't really want to do an auction, but do you think people would do a chip-in-pledge thing if I offered to do an fst (fan soundtrack!) for, say, a [profile] weissday fic? (I could put up a poll and people could vote for the story they wanted an fst for most. Depending on how cracky the fics are, it could get quite entertaining.) With [profile] genkischuldich getting caught up in the blackouts, I thought it might be nice to do something for Weissday. Thoughts? Unfortunately, I can't post to the comm and ask people what they think, but I know a couple of you read my flist, lol. ♥
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George Takei tweeted these photos from Japan.

A list of manga-ka and voice actors and their known status. Most everyone is okay that I know, though there's a rumor that Akira Torimiya was hurt. (EDIT: He seems to be okay, he posted to the Jump website, and Chrono Nanae seems to be okay.)

I know there are fandom auctions and people I love are in them, do y'all want to put a link in this entry?


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