Jul. 2nd, 2015 10:22 pm
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Oh, man, do I love Remix.

I was remixed THREE TIMES this year!

The main remix: Adventures in Babysitting (The Thicker Than Water Remix), Weiss Kreuz, which retells some of the Ran-verse from Schuldig's perspective and somehow doesn't contradict my headcanon, which is amazing considering how much hidden headcanon is in Ran-verse. (I would have been fine with a story that did, I'm just kind of amazed still that it didn't.)

And then two very different stories for Madness:

Cleanse Thyself (The Wash that Man Remix), a funny Gundam Wing fic about Heero washing Duo's hair.

Seeds of Spring (the Second Bite at the Pomegranate Remix), about the Persephone myth, and a major expansion on the small fic I originally wrote.

They are all great for completely different reasons! I FUCKING LOVE REMIX.


May. 18th, 2014 08:22 pm
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Remix reveals are up and I realized I'd never recced my original remix because I am basically failing at LJ these days. So!

[personal profile] daegaer wrote You Can Call Me Al (The Clubbed to Death Remix), a spin on my own "You Can Call Me Al," a Schuldig/Crawford I wrote way back for springkink. It was really fun to see the 'other half' of the story and I laughed like hell. She also managed to portray, brilliantly, Schuldig's mental state; no small feat considering the premise.

I wrote two stories, one regular remix and one quickly written Remix Madness fic. As usually happens in these cases, the quick one has way more hits and kudos. I like the story but I wish I'd had a bit more time with it.

But! I still like them both.

Cafe de I'Europe (The à la carte remix) is my first Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji story ever, remixed from [personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist's The Second of our Reign, about Ciel working very specifically to help Sebastian with...a certain problem. My remix is about Ciel going shopping.

The Madness fic was Restored (The More or Less Functional Remix) which is also the first (and possibly only) time I've written Clint/Coulson. I seem to be in a place where I will take any excuse to write hearing aid fic. I'm okay with that. The original work was Only Human. by marieincolour. I liked the way Marie worked the contrast between Clint and his superpowered teammates in the fic, but I backgrounded that in my remix and focused more on his relationships.

I also realized I never claimed my ShipSwap, where I wrote Todd/Lydia from Breaking Bad. Fuck yes horrible tasteless pairings.

More fic!

Apr. 29th, 2012 09:16 pm
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I also wrote two bonus remixes:

Sing Me to Sleep (the stubborn bastards remix), Kirk/McCoy, Star Trek Reboot. I again broke my usual rule and pulled a POV switch. When I read the original, I started wondering how Jim had realized Bones was so exhausted, so I had Chapel break the rules and call him in. (Chapel better show up in the new movie.) I loved the feel of the original, the exhausted, end-of-the-line, everything's wrong frustration.

Can't Buy a Thrill (the overcaffinated remix) is possibly the most obvious thing I have ever written ever, something of an expansion of [personal profile] daegaer's original story, with three takes on Nagi and Mamori's weird little relationship. It had all my weaknesses; Mamoru and Nagi being incredible dorks, Coca-Cola, and an excuse to use a Steely Dan reference in my title. ♥

And I also wrote something new for [profile] saiyuki_wk_au:

When the World Is Running Down, an alternate universe Saiyuki fic where the Sanzo-ikkou are drag kings. During the apocalypse.

And on Tuesday [profile] springkink starts...that reminds me, anyone want to beta Magnum, PI?


Apr. 29th, 2012 01:51 pm
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The bad news about remix is that I have no new awesome author to follow, because Walks Like a Turtleduck, Talks Like a Turtlebuck was written by the fantastic [personal profile] ranalore. But that is the only bad news, and it's not really so bad, is it?

For my normal remix assignment I had [personal profile] seta_suzume and spent a good four days panicking that I might not be able to write FMA. But I dug in anyway, narrowing it down to four stories, then two, than one.

Wildflowers (The Long Way to the Light remix) is a POV switch, which I am not sure I've ever done before for Remix. The original story is from Dr. Marcoh's POV, and I wanted to see what the village would look like from an insider's perspective, and how Scar would've seen his community's restoration.

More under the cut )
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Honestly, it's the best fic I've read so far (though I'm still reading and there's some good stuff out there). It's Mai! It has turtleducks! And Iroh!

Read and have fun!
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[community profile] sherlock_remix is up! Tons of stories in all kinds of genres.

I got remixed twice, which is super shiny! Both are remixes of John/Lestrade fic (THANK YOU REMIXERS I LOVE YOU TOO):

Nothing Under My Skin But Light, which is a remix of my bodyswap story Under the Skin


Doubles, a post-Baskerville story and rework of Whatever Gets You Through the Night.

There's some awesome stuff, and no one who participated is commenting because we don't want to give away the secret so PLEASE COME READ OMG.


May. 8th, 2011 11:43 am
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Remix reveals are up, yay!

I wrote two stories: Identity Crisis (The More Things Stay the Same remix) in Weiss Kreuz, from Dynamic Stasis by [profile] therck;


Last Boat Out of Hell (The Union of the Snake remix) in Yami, from Five Things that Never Happened to Hisoka by Bridgh, aka [profile] wordsofastory.

Lots of babbling about Yami and three embedded videos under the cut )

I want to talk about the Weiss fic too, but let's do that later.
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One of the fun things about Remix is getting stories in fandoms you never expected. I didn't qualify in Merlin, but someone chose to remix my story Discretion anyway:

discretion (the consequences of valor remix) is a different, darker and rich take on my story.

And then someone wrote a Remix Madness story from my work!

Brutal Temperatures is a retake on my Black Lagoon fic Cold to Hot. YAY BLACK LAGOON FIC. YAY MORE BALALAIKA/DUTCH.

Life is good, friends!

EDIT: For some reason this didn't crosspost so I'm trying it again. Apologies if you see it, like, four times.
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[personal profile] andmydog wrote my Remix, and it's here, so if you're one of those people who don't read fic until you've got a name attached, go read it.

And now, because I've wanted to talk about this story FOREVER, are this year's notes on Remix. My story is here. It's Goku and Sanzo, and love, and death.

Meta, or liner notes, or whatever, below the cut )
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'Cause it totally is. And the anime/manga fandoms (among others!) totally need more love! COME FORTH AND LOVE, especially the fics I don't feel like I can comment on yet LEST I TIP MY HAND.

And if you haven't read any at [community profile] lgbtfest yet, you are missing out on some fine stories, including this one about Calvin's Uncle Max.

Big Bang has slowed but not been forgotten:

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REMIX IS UP. Go read it, it's good.
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T-minus five hours or so until Remix goes live, whee!

Also, I forgot to crosspost this, but I wrote zombie apocalypse Weiss Kreuz for [community profile] queerlygen.

And last but not least, don't forget to check out the Springkink prompts, 'cause they are awesome.
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Because I am a colossal sucker, I signed up for a mix at [community profile] kinked, a kinky big bang, which is still looking for media (mix/vid/art) signups! (Note, their definition of 'art' appears to be 'handdrawn visual art').

[community profile] hardmode, a gaming big bang, is also taking signups.

And lest you forget, Nitro Big Bang is also taking tentative signups ~ ♥ ~

Turtlecesters might be interested in the fic exchange Partydowndude. (Also, it's not as damn long as a Big Bang!)

Did I mention my Remix is posted? MY REMIX IS POSTED. Allow me a moment to gloat. Now on to [community profile] fandom_grammar, omg kill me now.


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