Jul. 2nd, 2015 10:22 pm
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Oh, man, do I love Remix.

I was remixed THREE TIMES this year!

The main remix: Adventures in Babysitting (The Thicker Than Water Remix), Weiss Kreuz, which retells some of the Ran-verse from Schuldig's perspective and somehow doesn't contradict my headcanon, which is amazing considering how much hidden headcanon is in Ran-verse. (I would have been fine with a story that did, I'm just kind of amazed still that it didn't.)

And then two very different stories for Madness:

Cleanse Thyself (The Wash that Man Remix), a funny Gundam Wing fic about Heero washing Duo's hair.

Seeds of Spring (the Second Bite at the Pomegranate Remix), about the Persephone myth, and a major expansion on the small fic I originally wrote.

They are all great for completely different reasons! I FUCKING LOVE REMIX.
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Have some Black 47.

And I wrote three purimgifts stories!

Truth Is Always Relative, a BBC Sherlock story focusing on Irene (with a little Irene/Molly)...

The Seeds of Spring, a tale of Persephone,

and Ladies Who Lunch, a Sherlock/White Collar crossover with Mrs. Hudson and June (this one's gen).

(All written for Via_ostience, who has some awesome fic of her own.

I have claimed four stories for [profile] springkink, am eyeing two for [community profile] queer_fest, and still have a few ideas for [profile] saiyuki_wk_au.

Aaaand I may be picking up a side job (freelance, temporary). Oh dear.


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