Oct. 9th, 2016

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Thank you for writing for me! If you like these fandoms, we must at least have something in common, right?

In case you're wondering about what I like in general, this is basically what I stick on every Yuletide letter:

Here are some things I like: Humor, drama, snark, romance, smiling in the face of absurdity. (You can probably tell from my requests.)

Here are some things I don't like: Character bashing/needless sideswipes at characters, noncon. I read some dubcon but am weirdly fussy about it, so if you don't already know me it'd probably be easiest not to write it.

I am agnostic about porn: if you want to write it, great! If you don't want to write it, great! I have indicated pairings in my requests where I have them but I like gen too. (In fact, Yuletide is one of my favorite places to get my gen fic.) Porn preferences lean toward m/m.

I love friendship, found families, and all the fandoms I nominated.

Prompts are just suggestions. Feel free to write from your own inspirations!

Midnighter, Nimona, Stand Still Stay Silent, Tiger & Bunny )


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